• Abs with Laura | 15 minutes

    Give yourself 15 minutes to move your body with Laura as she guides you through a sequence focused on the core. Through simple repetitive movements this sequence is intended for you to step inside yourself and experience your own strength. Let's begin.

  • The Class with Laura l 45 minutes

    Give yourself 45 minutes to move your body and wake up your mind. Working from the ground up, Laura will guide you through your practice. Let's begin.

  • The Class Light with Laura | 50 minutes

    The Class Light is a softened, low-impact version of our signature Class. With specific attention to alignment and technique, you will move and flush the system of heaviness and tension. This version of the practice is a great introduction to The Class method - perfect for beginners, those with i...

  • The Class Advanced with Laura l 75 minutes

    Join Laura for 75 minutes for an advanced offering of our regular Class.
    We recommend this Class for students that have been practicing with us for 6 months or longer.

  • Connect to Your Breath with Laura | 13 minutes

    Give yourself 13 minutes to bring your attention to your breath. Laura will guide you through a no-sweat practice that brings your attention to your breathing. When we breathe better, we feel better. This practice is designed for you to use anytime, anywhere. Let's begin.

  • The Class Sculpt: Upper Body with Laura | 15 minutes

    The Class Sculpt incorporates wrist and ankle weights to add extra resistance to the practice. We recommend working with a set of 2lb weights, but this can be scaled depending on your desired challenge. Laura will guide you through a 15 minute sequence focused on the upper body. Use this series t...

  • The Class x Big Wild

    Join Laura as she guides you through 60 minutes of movement with the electronic composer, producer, and vocalist, Big Wild. Experience our signature Class while moving, listening, and feeling all to the music performed by Big Wild. Find his music on Spotify or connect with him on Instagram @bigwi...