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  • Understanding Control

    Join Mallory and Mark for this timely conversation around understanding control within ourselves. Through Mark's sentence stems and the movement of The Class work through the need of certainty, predictability, and safety to create a life of freedom. To learn more about Mark Groves you can visit h...


  • Cultivating Change

    Join Jaycee and Cristina in this conversation around cultivating sustainable, lasting change within your communities and within yourself.
    Practice the liberation and integrate the change through The Class led by Jaycee. Learn more about Cristina Sosa

  • Unsticking What's Stuck

    Join CJ and Regina in The Class followed by breathwork. Bring your full self to this experience so that you might let go and break free of what is stuck, allowing your authentic self to shine through. To learn more about Regina go to

  • Rhythmic Restoration

    Join Sophie and Sadia in this unique movement experience, while you move your body to the beat of the Samba drum during Class. Cool down your practice through breathwork by following the rhythm of your breath and rhythm of your heart. To learn more about Sadia Bruce