Weekly Features

Weekly Features

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Weekly Features
  • The Class Cardio with Brooke l 45 minutes

    Give yourself 45 minutes to lift your heart rate, increase circulation, and shake off unnecessary tension. Brooke will guide you through a 45 minute high impact cardio sequence intended to inspire at any time of day. Let's begin.

  • The Class Light with Karla l 30 minutes

    The Class Light is a softened, low-impact version of our signature Class. With specific attention to alignment and technique, you will move and flush the system of heaviness and tension. This version of the practice is a great introduction to The Class method - perfect for beginners, those with i...

  • The Class with Soeuraya l 55 minutes

    Give yourself 55 minutes to move your body and wake up your mind. Working from the ground up, Soeuraya will guide you through your practice. Let's begin.

  • The Class x Conner Youngblood

    Join Taryn as she guides you through a 55 minute collaboration with artist Conner Youngblood. You can experience our signature Class while moving, listening, and feeling all to the music performed by Conner. Find more music by Conner on Spotify or connect with him on Instagram @conner_yngblood.

  • The Class Restore with Natalie | 60 minutes

    The first half of The Class is filled with the fiery intensity and cathartic release of our signature Class, followed by restorative stretching and meditation in the second half. Sealing your practice with this extended offering will balance you and drop you deep into rest and repose. You will le...

  • Postnatal Meditation with Karla l 12 minutes

    Give yourself 12 minutes to reset with Karla as she you guides you through a guided meditation designed for new mothers.

  • Tue 2/23 5:15AM ET | The Class Express with Brooke | Available On Demand

    This Class will be available through Tuesday 3/2/21.