Weekly Features

Weekly Features

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Weekly Features
  • Full Body Flush with Taryn | 14 minutes

  • The Class with Mallory | 45 minutes

    Give yourself 45 minutes to move your body and wake up your mind. This condensed version of The Class is designed for any time of day whether you need to refresh or to charge up the system. Working the body from the ground up, Mallory will guide you through your practice. Let's begin.

  • The Class x Alabama Shakes

    Join Natalie as she guides you through a 50 minute collaboration with band Alabama Shakes. You can experience our signature Class while moving, listening, and feeling all to the music performed by Alabama Shakes. Find more music by Alabama Shakes on Spotify or connect with them on Instagram alaba...

  • Afternoon Reset with Soeuraya | 10 minutes

    When you've had a busy morning and still have a full day ahead, give yourself 10 minutes to take care of the body and mind. Join Soeuraya as she guides you through a no-sweat sequence of gentle movement intended to reset, energize, and focus the mind. Let's begin.

  • Cardio with Sophie | 42 minutes

    Give yourself 40 minutes to lift your heart rate, increase circulation, and shake off unnecessary tension existing in the body and mind. Sophie will guide you through a quick and high impact cardio focused sequence intended to inspire at any time of day. Let’s begin.

  • Recover with Erin | 20 minutes

    Give yourself 20 minutes to drop in and stabilize body and mind as Erin guides you through a series of restorative movements to help stretch out the main muscle groups that are activated during The Class. Designed for you to use after you practice, but available for anytime you need. Let's begin.

  • Gratitude Meditation with Raj | 22 minutes

    Give yourself 22 minutes to sit with Raj as she guides you through a meditation practice that focuses on gratitude.