There's A Class for That

There's A Class for That

Need a little post-breakup recovery? Feeling too hungover for your morning meeting? Whatever it is, there’s a Class for that.

There's A Class for That
  • The Heart Healing Class

    Need a hug? Honestly, same. Let this Class serve as a reminder that you're gonna be okay.

  • F*CK Everything

    When everyone and everything seems like the absolute worst, it’s time to unf*ck yourself.

  • I Don’t Wanna Work Out

    Yes, this is a workout for people who don’t want to work out. It sees you, sees your couch, and accepts you both.

  • The Sunday Scaries Class

    Tomorrow is Monday—the worst day of all days. You know it. We know it. But maybe we can put those end-of-the-weekend woes to bed.

  • Feeling All the Feelings

    Wanna laugh? Cry? Why choose? This Class will open you up to those big feelings and let it all out.

  • Mercury is in Retrograde

    Do the stars feel misaligned? Consult your horoscope and hold onto your crystals. We're in for a bumpy ride.

  • Am I Overthinking It?

    You're probably overthinking it. This Class will bring your mental gymnastics to the mat, helping you get out of your mind and into your body.

  • (Em)Power Moves

    Have a big presentation at work and need to crush it (but the pressure is crushing you)? This Class will help you feel the power of your presence.

  • The Celebration Class

    Got a promotion? New boo? Finally learned how to make paella? Let's party. Because life is worth celebrating.

  • I Love My Partner (But Not Right Now)

    When love feels like a battlefield, it’s time to work it out or hit the eject button.

  • The Breakup Class

    It’s over. But you aren’t over it (like, not even a little). Let it all out and face your feelings instead of sending that 3am “I miss you” text.

  • Ground the Conversation

    Can we talk? This Class will prep you for that hard conversation—the one you really don't wanna have but absolutely need to have.

  • I Love My Kids (Just Not Right Now)

    Carpool emergencies will have to wait. Take a moment to exhale and focus on you.

  • The Hangover Class

    Let’s be real. Last night was a rager, but now you need to resemble a coherent professional before that 9am meeting. Exercise your demons with a little hair of the downward dog (and a few burpees).

  • The Jet Lag Class

    Left your wellbeing in the aisle seat? This Class will help you jack out the jet lag and splash some cold water on your exhaustion.