The Class x Alicia Keys

The Class x Alicia Keys

The Soulful Sessions is a journey set to the heartfelt sounds of Alicia Keys—meant to ground you, process a range of emotions, and ultimately restore balance.

The Class x Alicia Keys
  • Taryn x Alicia: Introductory Conversation

    Join Taryn and Alicia for a 30 minute conversation about the Soulful Sessions, how they each connected with Sad Girls Club, and the journey of learning how to take care of one's soul.

  • Session 1: Free the Mind with Natalie

    Free the Mind is led by Natalie Kuhn, who will guide you to access and open the mind. Natalie hopes that students leave her Class feeling more alive, more awake, and more connected to themselves and therefore, to the greater world around them.

  • Session 2: Arrive in Body with Soeuraya

    Arrive in Body is led by Soeuraya Wilson, who will guide you into the presence of your physical body. Soeuraya hopes you leave feeling powerful, grounded, and tied to your purpose with strength in your body and discernment in your heart.

  • Session 3: Connect to Soul with Taryn

    Connect to Soul is led by our Founder, Taryn Toomey, who will guide you to use breath and movement to create a salve for the soul. Taryn’s classes are a journey. She holds a space for students to transform with care, love and dynamic music.