The Class Meditation

The Class Meditation

A series of meditations lead by The Class teachers for you to use to supplement your Class practice. These meditations are designed with the intention to balance out the intensity and fire that is ignited in The Class practice.

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The Class Meditation
  • Mid-Day Meditation with Taryn | 6 minutes

    Join Taryn for a 6 minute meditation to reset the mind and get into your body. This meditation is for you to use at any time and encouraged for you to use in the middle or end of day. Take a deep breath, and let's begin.

  • Meditation with Taryn | 12 minutes

    Give yourself 12 minutes to sit with Taryn as she guides you through a meditation focused on the breath. She will begin with an offering of how to set up your seat, introduce subtle movement, sprinkle in a little breath work, and drop you into a guided meditation focused on the breath. Designed t...

  • Meditation with Taryn | 27 minutes

    Give yourself 27 minutes to sit with Taryn. This meditation begins with light movement to get you to connect with your breath. Taryn then transitions into 20 minute body scan meditation. This practice is great for anytime of day. Let's begin.