The Class at Work

The Class at Work

The Class at Work is designed for when you have only have 10 - 15 minutes to get yourself moving. This no-sweat series uses pieces of our signature Class to allow you to get shake things up a moments notice. Whether you are just starting your day, about to go into a series of meetings, or need to hit the refresh button, we've got you. It's time to get up and out of your chair so you can get moving.

The Class at Work
  • Morning Movement with Hannah | 14 minutes

    Start your day right. Give yourself 14 minutes to wake up the body and mind with Hannah as she guides you through a simple no-sweat sequence to prepare you for the day ahead. No workout clothes or mat necessary. Let's begin.

  • Afternoon Reset with Soeuraya | 10 minutes

    When you've had a busy morning and still have a full day ahead, give yourself 10 minutes to take care of the body and mind. Join Soeuraya as she guides you through a no-sweat sequence of gentle movement intended to reset, energize, and focus the mind. Let's begin.

  • Stress Reliever with Jaycee | 12 minutes

    Give yourself 12 minutes to move physical stress out of your body. Jaycee will guide you through a no-sweat practice for you to use when your breath is short and your body feels tight. We know what it's like when you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Use this practice ...

  • Ground Yourself with Mallory | 9 minutes

    Give yourself 9 minutes to soothe your nervous system and ground yourself. Mallory will guide you through this simple no-sweat practice designed for you to use when tensions are high and things are feeling scattered. Take the time to bring yourself back into the body and start again. Let's begin.

  • Connect to Your Breath with Laura | 13 minutes

    Give yourself 13 minutes to bring your attention to your breath. Laura will guide you through a no-sweat practice that brings your attention to your breathing. When we breathe better, we feel better. This practice is designed for you to use anytime, anywhere. Let's begin.