• The Cleanse Day 3

    The body will be in full cleansing mode, which may be accompanied by a range of side effects. Tia guides through a 35 minute low impact movement series followed by 10 minutes of recovery to help your body during this recalibration phase.

  • The Cleanse Day 9

    As we draw to a close, can we seal in what we have learned, fostered, and nourished? Spend an hour moving with Tia: 45 minutes of The Class with 15 minutes of recovery and integration.

  • The Cleanse Day 2

    We're leaning into our awareness and commitment that we made to ourselves with 45 minutes of The Class movement and 10 minutes of recovery led by Tia.

  • The Cleanse Day 4

    We will begin to deepen into a new layer. Let's lean into this new space with 25 minutes of cardio, 5 minutes of core, and 5 minutes of recovery led by Tia.

  • The Cleanse Day 6

    Take note of how you are feeling. Are you rounding the corner of improved energy or still feeling a little stuck? We invite you to take a day to sit with this. Tial guides through 15 minutes of recovery and 5 minutes of meditation. Let's give our bodies a day to recharge, heal, and restore.

  • The Cleanse Day 5

    You may be feeling lighter and clearer, or still stuck in cravings at this point. You might be experiencing body aches in places you didn't know you were holding tension. Meet yourself exactly where you are as Tia leads through 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of back body and hip focus, and a 5 ...

  • The Cleanse Day 7

    You are one full week in. A new access point to have a clearer conversation with ourselves. As your body truly begins to clear from the inside out, you may feel a lingering fatigue. Let's shake it out with a low impact 35 minutes with Tia followed by 10 minutes of recovery.

  • The Cleanse Day 1

    This movement is an opportunity for a fresh start as you embark on the first day of your 10-day The Cleanse journey. Introduce movement into your daily ritual with 60 minutes of The Class followed by 5 minutes of full body recovery, led by Tia.