The Workshop: The Class x In Concert

The Workshop: The Class x In Concert

What is a Workshop?
- A series of 60- to 75-minute collaborative experiences
- Each workshop includes at least a 30-minute Class themed to a topic
- The co-facilitator will deepen your understanding of the subject through their unique lens of conversation, music, breathwork, performance, athletic conditioning, etc.
- Create your own on-demand library of Workshops that suit your interests

Why take a Workshop?
- The Class is a practice of embodiment
- The Workshop is intended to use that practice to become more skillful in a particular subject
- Feed your curiosity with digestible introductions to new practices and modalities
- Find a workshop to suit your intention: learn, deepen, play, grow, restore, evolve

The Cost
- $12 each
- Available on-demand, indefinitely through our Digital Studio
- Available worldwide
- Watch from anywhere on your computer, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android, AndroidTV, Roku or AmazonFire app

About This Workshop
Taryn Toomey, Founder of The Class.
Reuben Bullock, Singer and Songwriter of Reuben and the Dark.

Join Taryn and Reuben for this special musical performance of The Class guided by in-person vocals and guitar. Together, they create a delicate practice to feel into the physical body and lift some of the veils of the heart.

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The Workshop: The Class x In Concert

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