Now What?

Now What?

We’ve hung in, we’re still here, Now What? None of it’s easy but we don’t need to make it extra hard. Here are 11 workouts to lighten the load of whatever you’re going through. For this collective moment and all those personal moments when you feel stuck.

Now What?
  • I'm about to lose my sh*t, now what?

    You know when you’re on the brink and you just need to let out a big ARGHHH? A frustration so big it makes you laugh…and scream…and cry? Move through this big energy in a 40 minute practice with Taryn. Let’s begin.

  • I quit (or really really want to), now what?

    Join CJ for a 55 minute Class in exploring your own intuition around “quitting”. There is no prescription. There is no need for immediate decisions. This practice is about giving room for those feelings to be felt and freed. Let’s begin.

  • I don't want to talk about the c-word (COVID) ever again, now what?

    We can not want to talk about something, but it doesn’t mean that it has left our bodies. Make more room and space for yourself with movement, breath, and sound. Step into your clearing practice with Aimee for 40 minutes. Let’s begin.

  • My burnout has burnout, now what?

    We’ve all been there. We’ve done all the things and we are exhausted. Join Sophia for a supportive 45 minute Class that will slowly build, leaving you feeling restored and ready to begin again.

  • My anxiety is giving me anxiety, now what?

    Sometimes it feels like our thoughts and feelings are the ones driving, and driving at 100mph. Use this 60 minute Class with Brooke to come back to earth, get grounded, and remember who you are.

  • I finally did something right, now what?

    Life can move at such an accelerated pace that sometimes we forget to pause, reflect and give acknowledgement to what we have done right. Join Karla for a 45 minute Class to celebrate what’s going well, and keep the momentum going. Let’s fist bump, and begin.

  • I wanna dance with somebody, now what?

    For everyone missing the magic that happens on a dance floor, join Jaycee in celebrating music and movement for a 60 minute practice. Let’s have some fun, and begin.

  • My family is divided over pandemic politics, now what?

    The last few years has brought divisiveness to the surface, and for some of us, within our most intimate communities. Join Erin in a 70 minute Class for a practice to create more space around understanding. Let’s lovingly begin.

  • I need to grieve, now what?

    Grief may be learning how to “move with” instead of “move on”. Join Katie for a 60 minute practice that will support you where you are in your process. Let’s tenderly begin.

  • My inner circle is shrinking, now what?

    It is a hard truth to accept that friendships change. Join Amanda for a 45 minute Class to move through all the feels that come with your support system changing shape. Let’s begin.

  • I gave the best years of my life to a literal plague, now what?

    Best laid plans, you know? The rug gets tugged out from under us and - poof - there went some vital years. Give yourself 60 minutes to move in reconciliation, acceptance and faith with Raj. Let’s begin.