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  • Thu 8/6 7:15AM EST | The Class Express with Mallory

    Mallory’s classes revolutionize the relationship with self. Her Classes are dynamic and passionate. Through her vast knowledge of music and contagious energy, she invites students to step out of everyday cognition and into the body. Mallory creates the space to dwell both in emotion and the body ...

  • Thu 8/6 9:00AM EST | The Class with Sophie

    An old soul with a bright heart. Sophie leads a Class that is raw, energetic, and full of spunk. At a very young age she found that yoga and movement could help her communicate in ways she never thought she could. With Sophie's intuitive wisdom, and warmth she will leave you feeling reconnected a...

  • Thu 8/6 10:00AM EST | The Class with Kate

    Kate's classes are filled with fire, athleticism, but also allow you an opportunity to move into the tenderness in the body. Come to her Class to say hello to your body, ignite a conversation with your mind, and most importantly feel.


  • Thu 8/6 11:00AM EST | The Class Express with Taryn

    Taryn Toomey founded The Class to unite community and create a space for all to experience the power of presence in ones heart - and become aware of their own unique essence. Using the body as an instrument, TT’s Classes are a journey; equal parts challenging, joyful, deep diving and compassionat...

  • Thu 8/6 12:00PM EST | The Class with Courtney

    Courtney's life has been fueled by movement. She believes the best thoughts are produced when the body is in motion. In her class you will experience a high energy, safe, and celebratory environment. In Courtney's class she will give you the space to feel whatever is needed to be felt, leaving yo...

  • Thu 8/6 1:00PM EST | The Class with Soeuraya

    As you join Soeuraya in class, her intention is that you leave feeling clear and calm, strong and brave. You’ll dig deep, you’ll unravel old patterns, and emerge a lighter, more human version of yourself.